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Seoul, the Capital City of the Republic of Korea

Seoul is the capital of the Republic of Korea, where the Miracle of the Han River was achieved and now become the center of K-Culture Hallyu.
The city has been one of the most important places geopolitically, symbolically, and historically throughout history. Especially, the Han River basin was further highlighted in that it established itself as Hanyang (the previous name of Seoul), the capital of the Joseon Dynasty for 500 years, with the Han River as the center and Bukhansan as the background. The major facilities that symbolize the nation Including the five palaces of Changdeokgung, Changgyeonggung, Gyeonghuigung, Gyeongungung, and Gyeongbokgung located under Bukak during the Joseon Dynasty, are living exhibition halls that vividly shows the past majesty of the capital city, built as the upper structures with the Han River as a base. Seoul has been functioning as the metropolis for over 600 years.
Seoul, situated at the heart of the Korean Peninsula, is the capital of the Republic of Korea, a nation currently experiencing division of country. Throughout modern history, Seoul has undergone many arduous journeys of hardships but has eventually overcome them. In 1988, it successfully hosted the Seoul Olympics, followed by the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup, and has risen as a festival ground. In the renaissance era of the Han River since the 2000s, the city has emerged as the hub of politics, economy, and culture, receiving great attention with the revival of the K-Culture Hallyu, including not only Hangeul, popular music, movies, and clothing but also printing technology. In addition, Seoul holds the headquarters of the world's leading multinational corporations such as Samsung, Hyundai, LG, and SK, raising its status as a bridgehead for international trade. The city has established itself as the capital that has drawn the attention of the world by realizing the “Miracle on the Han River,” a splendid achievement in modern history, from dream to reality.
With the long stories of Seoul, it can be said to be one of the best cities loved by people around the world. Seoul is becoming a global hub that spreads not only the history of itself, but also the venue for the world that provides the agora with the theme of IVR 2024, “the rule of law, justice, and the future of democracy”.

Soongsil University

Soongsil University is the first modern university in Korea which was established in Pyongyang, North Korea in 1897, and it makes up the institution’s unique identity and distinct history that cannot be found in other educational institutions. William Baird, an American missionary of the Northern Presbyterian Church, devoted himself to spreading the gospel in Korea and nurturing students, ministers, and people. Immediately after the Korean War, it was rebuilt in its current location in Seoul in 1954, 16 years after the school closed in 1938 to keep the Christian faith, with Youngnak Church Pastor Han Kyung-jik, a former displaced person, an alumnus, and a Templeton Prize winner.
The Soongsil Campus is the summation of history with tradition and spirit melted on monuments like Baird Hall that symbolizes Soongsil's identity in commemoration of Missionary Baird, the founder of Soongsil Hakdang, who devoted himself to the mission of Christianity; Han Kyung-Jik Memorial Hall, which is dedicated to passing on the faith of Pastor Han, a leader who successfully led the reconstruction of Soongsil in Seoul; Cho Man-sik Memorial Hall was established to honor Cho Man-sik, who taught the law at Soongsil University and was a national leader for the independence movement. Ahn Ik-tae Memorial Hall was built to honor Ahn Ik-tae, who contributed to the introduction of Western modern music in Korea and composed Korea’s national anthem. The Korean Christian Museum at the University preserves the history of Korean Christianity and missions by retracing the traditions and traces of the history from the founding spirit
With this as a groundwork, Soongsil University has been advancing, leaping, and developing with a 126-year history that started in Pyongyang and continued to Seoul, educating students who pursue their dreams, serve people, and practice the founding philosophy of the school.
Situated in proximity to Seoul City Hall and the Gangnam district, Soongsil University has been offering future-oriented and global education for students. Given its strategic location, international atmosphere, accessibility to public transportation, well-equipped campus facilities, and strong academic credentials, Soongsil presents itself as a fitting choice for hosting the IVR Congress in 2024.

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