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The Rule of Law, Justice and the Future of Democracy

We would like to hold the IVR Congress in 2024 on the most crucial issues regarding legal philosophy and social philosophy, namely, the rule of law, justice, and the future of democracy. 

First, the rule of law is a basic and primary principle in law, and the formal conception of this is deemed to be important for all citizens.
Also, some shortcomings of the formal interpretation of the rule of law may be complemented by its substantive ideals.
Considering that discussions on the rule of law could provide the foundations for “justice and the future of democracy,” it will continue to be explored. 

Second, when we look at the ideal and the basis of the law, it is meaningful in that we can share ideas about justice.
Even without written legal provisions, justice itself has remained firm.
Moreover, it would be indisputable for all spheres of state and society to be established and maintained based on justice. As always, we will continue to think about the essence and the pursuit of justice in theory and practice. 

Third, faced with a highly technological society, we need to take a close look at the future of democracy.
While history recognizes that every society has continued to develop or change, there has always been an attempt to acknowledge the value of democracy to a greater or lesser extent. Given this, sharing presentations on the future of democracy could offer potential intellectual resources for younger generations. 

Lastly, the main theme, “The Rule of Law, Justice and the Future of Democracy,” of the IVR Congress 2024 will provide an excellent opportunity for participants to expand the boundary and depth of research on legal philosophy and social philosophy.
In particular, this Congress will mean a great deal to the Republic of Korea and those who have experienced similar changes from the middle of the 20th century to the present.