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Aesthetics of Law as a Branch of Philosophy of Law
Kamil Zeidler (University of Gdańsk) kamil.zeidler@ug.edu.pl
Takayuki Kawase (Chiba University) kawase@chiba-u.jp
Paula Chmielowska (University of Gdańsk) paula.chmielowska@phdstud.ug.edu.pl
Following Gustav Radbruch’s idea presented in short chapter – titled “Ästhetik des Rechts” – of his famous book “Rechtsphilosophie” (1932) we would like to introduce the general concept of the aesthetics of law as a fifth branch of the philosophy of law.
Workshop will be devoted to the presentation of results in searching for the fifth branch of the philosophy of law– apart from the ontology of law, epistemology of law, logic and legal ethics – but also it will be dedicated to continuing our joint search for further solutions and examples together with participants.
It turns out that the aesthetic aspects of law may have practical significance in all of its five phenomena, that is: creating, binding, observing, applying and interpreting. Moreover, the aesthetics of law also influences the shaping of legal awareness and attitudes towards the law.
The whole argument is organized in such a way that (1) external and (2) internal approaches to the aesthetics of law will be distinguished and (3) the issue of law as a tool of aestheticization will be presented.
All this will be supported by some practical examples taken from the world of culture and art – where we would be able to present allegorical manifestations of Justice, Law, and Politics. The aesthetics of law is important in modern democratic states, not only in providing information about law and promoting legal values, but it is also a political tool, examples of which will also be presented.
We invite researchers interested in the visual dimensions of law, as well as legal rhetoricians.