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Legal Philosophy and Legal Practice
Bojan Spaić (University of Belgrade Faculty of Law) bojan.spaic@ius.bg.ac.rs
Julieta Agustina Rabanos (University of Belgrade Faculty of Law) julieta.rabanos@ius.bg.ac.rs
Invited speakers:
Miodrag Jovanović, University of Belgrade
David Duarte, University of Lisbon
Pedro Moniz Lopes, University of Lisbon
Pierluigi Chiassoni, University of Genova
Andrej Kristan, University of Genova
Veronica Rodriguez-Blanco, University of Surrey
Hrafn Assgeirson, University of Surrey

Logic, language, and practical rationality are foundational topics in legal philosophy. They are usually discussed in the narrow frame of legal philosophy and general jurisprudence. Discussions about the practical import of research in legal philosophy, logic, language, and practical rationality are rare and unsystematic. The influence and consequences that philosophical discussion might have in legal doctrine, legal science, and legal practice have not been a prominent topic of jurisprudential inquiries in the last decades. The main objectives of the Special Workshop are, therefore, to investigate and discuss the importance of the philosophy of law and fundamental philosophical knowledge about law in legal practice, legal doctrine, and legal science.

Tentative topics:
Is Legal Philosophy too far removed from legal practice?
What can Legal Philosophy Teach Legal Practice and vice versa?
Legal Philosophy and Adjudication
Legal Philosophy and the Creation of Law
Legal Philosophy and Administrative Enforcement of Law
Logic and legal practice
Language and Legal Practice
Practical Rationality and Legal Practice
Irrationality in legal practice
Legal Philosophy and Legal Science
Traditions in Practically Oriented Legal Philosophy

Submission of propos
All interested applicants are invited to send an abstract (max. 500 words) written in English by February 20th, 2024, and fill out the registration form provided on the IVR 2024 website according to the schedule provided by the Conference Organizing Committee. Applications are to be sent to alf@ius.bg.ac.rs (CC bojan.spaic@ius.bg.ac.rs & julieta.rabanos@ius.bg.ac.rs). A decision on applications submitted will be made by March 10th, 2024.
Any interested applicants who could not send their abstracts by the first deadline are invited to send them by April 15th, 2024. A decision on these applications will be made by May 1st, 2024.

Additional Information
This Special Workshop is prepared within the framework of the Horizon Twinning project “Advancing cooperation on The Foundations of Law – ALF” (project no. 101079177). The project is financed by the European Union.