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Overcoming the Fragmentation of Law and Society. How Legal
Principles and Values Shape Democratic States Governed
by the Rule of Law?
Ondrejek Pavel (Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic) ondrejek@prf.cuni.cz
Tomas Koref (Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic) tomas.koref@prf.cuni.cz
Jan Pokorny (Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic) jan.pokorny@prf.cuni.cz
Fragmentation of law, an issue traditionally discussed in international law, has now become a prominent concern in contemporary national legal systems. This phenomenon, which stems from, inter alia, the proliferation of rules and regulatory regimes, conflicts of values, sectoralism resulting in fragmented law-making, legal pluralism or methodological pluralism in legal interpretation, raises profound questions about the capacity of legal systems to promote coherence and unity in the face of such fragmentation.

This workshop will explore multifaceted dimensions of the fragmentation of law and its implications for the future of democratic states governed by the rule of law. Our primary goal is to discuss the causes, risks and manifestations of fragmentation. The other aim of the workshop is to examine potential solutions towards fragmentation, focusing particularly on application of law, legal reasoning, normative conflicts, and values underlying (and potentially de-fragmenting) law.

The topics of the papers presented in the workshop might include
general issues dealing with the coherence of law
methods of interpretation and legal reasoning,
application of law,
legal values,
legal pluralism
or more specific topics, such as an exploration on how the shared values of different normative systems can help to mitigate the risks associated with democratic backsliding, or how to counter sectoralism in current law-making.

We invite scholars from the fields of legal theory, legal philosophy, sociology and related disciplines to submit abstracts of their paper proposals that address these or similar topics.
The deadline for the abstracts of paper proposals is 15 February 2024. Please send the abstract of approximately 300 words in PDF format via e-mail to the organizers of the special workshop (fragmentation.ivr2024@gmail.com). Participants will be notified by 29 February 2024 and selected participants will be requested to send their papers by 7 June 2024

The abstracts will be evaluated based on the following criteria
Scientific quality: rigor of methodology, novelty, and contribution to the field.
Alignment with the workshop’s theme
Language appropriateness
Number of presentation slots available