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Hyunah Yang (Seoul National University, Republic of Korea)

Hyunah Yang is a Professor at the School of Law at Seoul National University, Republic of Korea, where she teaches feminist jurisprudence and sociology of law. Her research and teaching interests have been in social theory, feminist jurisprudence, reproductive rights, postcolonialism, family law, and representing victims’ voices, particularly in the context of war and colonialism.
Professor Yang's publications are diverse that include articles such as “Post-Adultery Law in Korea: A Feminist Law and Society Approach” (Seoul Law Journal, VOL.56-3, 2015, PP.31-78); “Demanding the Multi-Focus Policy for Abortion: Beyond the Binary Code of the Right for Life vs. the Right for Self-Determination” (Journal of Korean Women’s Studies, vol. 26-4, pp. 63- 100, 2010); and “The Reasoning of Gender Discrimination in the Constitutional Case of the Family-Head System - in Relation to ‘Tradition’ and Colonialism” (Economy and Society, vol. 88, pp. 215-256, 2010). As for books, Professor Yang and Chungmoo Choi edited and translated Voices of the Korean Comfort Women – History Rewritten from Memories (Routledge, 2023); edited Law and Society in Korea (Edward Elgar, 2013) and Reading Korean Family Law –At the Crossroads of Tradition, Coloniality, and Gender (Changbi, 2011).
Professor Yang served as a country prosecutor of the North and South Korean Joint Prosecution Team at the Women’s International War Crimes Tribunal against Military Sexual Slavery (2000), President of the Korean Academic Association of Gender and Law (2008–2010), and Commissioner at the National Human Rights Commission of Korea (2011- 2014).