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Julie Saada (Sciences Po Paris, France)

Julie Saada is a professor of philosophy at Sciences Po Paris, and vice-president of the French branch of the IVR. Her research focus is on the history and ethics of war and postwar justice, the history and philosophy of international law, international criminal justice, and human rights. Issues of modern and contemporary political philosophy, critical legal theory, and law and literature have also been central topics of study. She passed the Agrégation examination and holds a Ph.D. and a Habilitation in Philosophy from the Ecole normale supérieure de Lyon.
She is co-director of the “PolitiqueS” series (Classiques Garnier publishing) and the “Penser avec” series (Sciences Po publishing) and is in charge of the Legal Humanities research program at Sciences Po. She has also been elected to the National Universities Council. Professor Saada has participated in various international research projects and has been a visiting professor or researcher in Argentina (Universidad de Buenos Aires, Universidad de Mar del Plata), Uruguay, Russia (RUDN), United States (Columbia, Cardozo School of Law), Finland, Tunisia (Ecole normale supérieure), Algeria, Israel, Brazil, and Lebanon.
Her published works on the philosophy of international law, war, and international criminal justice include Guerre juste, guerre injuste. Histoire, theories, critiques (Just war, unjust war. History, theories, critiques, with C. Nadeau, 2009); La justice pénale internationale face aux crimes de masse (International Criminal Justice and Mass Crimes, with R. Nollez-Goldbach, 2014); Enseigner le passé violent. Conflit, après-conflit et justice à l’école (Teaching the Violent Past. War, post-war and justice at School, 2014); La guerre en question. Conflits contemporains, théorie politique et débats normatifs (On War. Contemporary Conflicts, Political Theory, and Normative Perspectives, 2015). Her books on political philosophy and critical legal theory involve La tolérance (On Toleration, 1999); Hobbes, Spinoza ou les politiques de la Parole (Hobbes, Spinoza and the Politics of Scripture, 2009); Hobbes et le sujet de droit (Hobbes and the Subject of Law, 2010); Le souci du droit. Où en est la théorie critique? (Caring About the Law. What About Critical Theory Today? 2010), Le droit, entre théorie et critique (Law, between Theory and Critique, with M. Xifaras, 2016).