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Young Joon KWON (Justice of the Supreme Court of Korea)

Justice Young Joon KWON commenced his judicial career as a judge in April 1999 at the Seoul District Court and later served in various roles, including the Eastern Branch Court of Seoul District Court, Daegu District Court, and the National Court Administration's Planning and Coordination Office. In 2006, he began teaching civil law at Seoul National University College of Law, accumulating over 17 years of teaching experience, dedicated to nurturing future scholars and legal professionals. In July 2023, he was appointed as a Justice of the Supreme Court of Korea.
Justice Kwon has conducted extensive scholarly research across diverse legal fields from civil law, and intellectual property law to international trade law. Furthermore, he has actively applied legal theory to practical matters by participating in legislative processes as the Chairman of the Advisory Council on Legal Affairs under the Ministry of Justice and as a member of the Presidential Council on Intellectual Property. He has authored over 30 books and 80 academic papers such as "Copyright Infringement Judgement Theory," and "Basic Principles of Civil Law Jurisprudence," which were recognized as outstanding academic books by the National Academy of Science of the Republic of Korea. His contributions have also earned him various research and education-related awards, including the Juridical Paper Award from the Korean Society of Law in 2009 for "Theory, Legal Principles, and Practice in Civil Trials."
While emphasizing the thoughts behind the law, the principles of law, and the legal concepts, Justice Kwon has explored spheres of legal education and legal practice based on theory and in connection with judicial decision-making.