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Inequality against Rule of Law, Justice, and Democracy in Aristotle
Nuno Coelho (University of São Paulo) nunocoelho@usp.br
Liesbeth Huppes-Cluysenaer (Amsterdam, Netherlands) huppes.uva@gmail.com
This workshop aims to delve deep into Aristotle's substantial contributions to legal and political philosophy, with an emphasis on his notions surrounding the Rule of Law, Justice, and Democracy in the face of inequality. Through his extensive body of work, Aristotle has laid the foundation for fundamental principles that continue to undergird contemporary legal and political systems. His thoughtful deliberations on a structured governance system, the essence of justice, and democratic ideals have long served as a rich foundation for modern-day discourse.

The significance of this workshop is rooted in its potential to bridge ancient philosophical insights with the practical challenges of modern-day inequality, nurturing a more enriched dialogue around the principles that govern our societies. Additionally, Aristotle's ideas provide a lens through which we can critically assess, evaluate, and possibly refine modern interpretations and applications of the Rule of Law, Justice, and Democracy.

By encouraging a dialogue among academics, this workshop aims to furnish a platform for reflective discussion and exploration of Aristotelian texts in a contemporary context, particularly focusing on the theme of inequality. The ultimate goal is to augment the understanding of his seminal works and the application of their enduring insights in modern legal and political discourse, thereby contributing to the creation of more informed, equitable, and effective frameworks that address the issue of inequality in today's globalized world.